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10th Anniversary
DOWNLOAD EP "Happiness is not Allowed"

In 2015, WILD celebrates its 10 years of existence with a new EP of 6 unreleased tracks: Happiness is not allowed. This new EP is FREE download (download link above). Several "guests" of the French Metal scene participate in 6 songs of this EP.


W.I.L.D_Happiness_is_not_Allowed_2015.zip (79Mo)

01. Inside Feat: Arno / Black Bomb A
02. A Buried Memory Feat: Stéphane Buriez / Loudblast
03. OI Type X Feat: KK / Trepalium
04. Eternal Cycle Feat: Sam Bourreau / ex-Hacride - Mistaken Element
05. Erinyes Feat: Arno Strobl / CinC et We All Die (Laughing)
06. Paranoid Schizophrenia Feat: Julien Truchan / Benighted
07. Davidian Feat. Chuck - Ghusa & Ju - Psykup